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Several law firms use social networks


Several law firms have used their profiles on Twitter to express his condolences to the relatives and friends of the victims of the air accident in the French Alps and in which at least 51 Spaniards have died.

Not only financial institutions and large companies are targeted by hackers. For 10 years the big law firms in the United States have been victims of any attack by hackers. These firms possess valuable information from your customers, which makes them an attractive target for hackers. Annual security report published by the company Cisco Systems located in seventh place at the law firms among the main objectives of cybercriminals. At least 80% of the 100 largest law firms have been affected.

Hackers are aware that in the legal offices is handled sensitive information from 2015-06-22_130808large companies. Given the difficulty of ‘trespass’ measures of information security of the companies themselves, are in the law firms another way of access to privileged information confidential data.

Matthew A.S. Esworthy, who works at the American law firm Sher Guinot & Sandler, and fighting cybercrime through the Committee of cybernetic crimes of the American Bar Association of which he is co-President, explains that the hackers have different goals.” Some have financial motives (search for numbers of credit cards, personal information such as social security numbers) and others have a political purpose in his performance (look for material to blackmail a politically sensitive government information). There are others, like the Group Anonymous, which have social reasons”.

Esworthy explains that sometimes information is sold on the black market, is used by the hacker directly. “Cases of industrial espionage are not unknown, especially when there is a huge advantage in business.” “However, cases of corporate espionage usually occur between international actors, and between large multinational corporations established in a particular country”. “The largest increase in these crimes comes from hackers hired by foreign Nations”.