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Populism comes to the firms


In recent times, several law firms have been launched to attract a high volume of clients harmed by financial products or other conflicts. It’s a millionaire business, but experts warn that it may be short-term.

And the most widespread model: the medium and small, firm dominated by the family nature of its composition. All draw a sector which has undergone a major transformation, an adaptation and an increasingly greater specialization in the past 25 years.

Offices distributed throughout the territory, which each day credited the solvency of a necessary activity which is multiplied as situations do citizens face which in defense of their interests, of their rights, for an unpaid debt, through a contentious divorce, by a dismissal by a bad neighborhood convivencia, by a difficult family situation give good account of Spanish lawyers are as good as they are the British, the Germans, the French.

Coca y Asociados, which develops much of its action in the claims for damages and medical negligence make up a range of offerings for action to justice in defence of the rights of individuals and companies from a great plurality of alternatives. In fact, the offer is in permanent adaptation, both large and small. The economic crisis has also caused changes. Some that small firms have joined efforts to deal with the situation of non-payment.

Many others, by opening up to specialties before more anecdotal in its offer to the client. And the large developed further legal advice, more brand strategy, more proximity through the development of social action, pro bono and volunteering. In any case, the sector consolidates an increasingly cross-cutting activity that moves millions of euros each year and secures thousands of jobs.